Korean Kalbi Marinade RECIPE for bison medallions

Korean Kalbi Marinade for Bison Medallions





Yield 2 Servings

Apart from waiting for the marinade (3 hours or overnight in the fridge) if you so desire, the cooking time for this dish is short and easy. With a minimal amount of ingredients it's ready in no time. It makes a tasty meal and lovely presentation. 

The easy to follow cooking video for Korean Kalbi for bison medallions is graciously shared by Northfork Bison Ranch. 




Puree an onion with a food processor to get the 2 tbs. required. Add and mix all the other ingredients in a bowl. Add the medallions with the marinade to a container or a zip-lock bag. Let marinate for at least 3 hours but not more than 12 hours in the fridge.

Add a splash of oil to the fry pan. When pan is hot add the marinated and drained bison medallions. Cook a few minutes per side.

Take them off the stove and allow the medallions to “rest” covered in foil for a few minutes.

Meanwhile add 1 – 2 tbs. of water to fry pan. Fry vegetables in the marinade.

Courses Dinner

Cuisine Korean

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